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Slayer Lair

""May the gains always be in your favor!""

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S  -We are a Social & Community Clan. We enjoy having a positive community for adult players to relax and enjoy RS3. We have a T-7 Citadel with a Red Clan Dragon. We offer Bossing, Minigames, and PVP Events with plenty of opportunities to receive support. There are no level requirements to join our clan.

I tell everyone that our clan is unique because our players all have a wide range of interests and experience. We welcome new players and offer a wide array of support for such players. As the leader of this clan, I always pledge to address the clan needs. I have an open door policy... all players can speak to me about any issue. :)

I hope you decide to make The Slayers your home. We enjoy to socialize  as we play the game and we welcome new members with open arms. Please feel free to stop by and visit any time.  Most of all, I hope you have fun enjoying RS3 and the many adventures of the 6th Age!


Jr the Black

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