The Great Eagles

The Great Eagles

"recruiting low levels as well as high lots of help for new players. xp ring"

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The old Clan The Great Eagles has returned!  Started by Emissary 77 in 2006 it grew to a large clan in the top clans tables.  Emissary has returned after a long break and will be opening the clan to old members and new........Can we make it as good as the last or even better.....This is your mission should you decide to accept it.      Emissary 77

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CH_UG0kklF CH_UG0kklF Owner
[#4IZIRGE55] [#4IZIRGE55] Overseer
[#ERP31XJ1K] [#ERP31XJ1K] Captain
Milton2th Milton2th Lieutenant
[#JT7NX3HO2] [#JT7NX3HO2] Sergeant
lev_n lev_n Sergeant
juggalo c juggalo c Sergeant
I4c I4c Sergeant
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