The Mighty Fire

The Mighty Fire

"Req - Total level 500+ ~ P2P&F2P ~ Skillers under 500 ttl must have a 99"

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We are a friendly, chilled clan. We believe working together is the best way forward! Just join as a guest in the cc, add any member, and ask them to add you to the clan. If you need to wait a few days to join due to leaving a clan, feel free to guest in the clan and just socialize until you can join, get to know everyone!

We do:
- PvM/Dung
- Community skilling (bonfires, runespan etc)
- Competitions (website)
- Socializing

- 500+ total OR one 99

Corporal: Add one member
Sergeant: Add more 5 members/Be active  (1 week)
Lieutenant: Add 5 more members/Be active (over 1 week)
Captain+General: Be active and helpful (over 2 weeks)
Admin: Show loyalty and trustworthiness (over a month)
Organiser, Coordinator and Overseer: Show immense loyalty, activeness and trustworthiness
(Side note - Ranks may be given earlier in certain circumstances)

Hope to see you soon!

- Mighty

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