"#thestorm on lRC / ***.rs-thestorm**** 125+f2p"

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Welcome to the depths of one of the most dangerous clans to come upon Runescape, in the times of Prodding, 2k11s. and all else - we come as 2004 pkers - lurers. kids, welcome to the Storm. if you want to fight - we bring max - we have no problem doing so.

This clan needs People that know how to pk and are trust worthy, in time they shall follow the path of the storm, and learn what its like to take control of the battle that lies ahead for us all...

- Ventrillo needed
- LRC needed / swiftkit. (#TheStorm)
- Over 125+ p2p / 120 f2p.
- don't mess around, 16+
- http://rs-storm.***/forum/

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Patzzz7 Patzzz7 Owner
Kid Karilz Kid Karilz Recruit
I Tank Al0ne I Tank Al0ne Recruit
Willer05 Willer05 Recruit
Mith Prod Mith Prod Recruit
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