"Join for the memes. Stay for the memes. Leave if you suck and dont like memes"

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Good People, good times  and better friends. Threshold is here to provide a community oriented clan with good values and a better sense of humor. we are open to all levels and people from all countries although we are an english speaking clan and our home world is 6.  Our only requirements are clan participation, actively play runescape and do not bring/start drama in the cc. Feel free to guest or pm an admin+ about joining or any questions you may have.

Capping in citadel is not mandatory.
- 2 ava's
-T6 (currently on T7 grind)

Threshold discord server now up and running!
- ask in cc for server name and icons

QFC to recruitment thread: 92-93-930-65910153
====clan activities====
fapcapping (optional)
Dedicated discord server
bxp minigames
helping one another
group bossing
trouble brewing
noob racing
no xp waste
xp waste

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