True Maxed

True Maxed

"Join as friends, stay as family."

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# True Maxed is a clan for players with all skills at level 99. We have a tier 7 citadel, and capping in the citadel is not mandatory. However, we appreciate people visiting just for upkeep.

We don't have many set rules, although we do not tolerate any form of drama between clan mates or guests in the clan chat. If you have a problem with someone, then that person should be on your ignore list. You shouldn't be responding to them in the clan chat. Any other concerns should be directed to the Owner or High-Ranks  of the clan and we'll do our best to try and resolve the issue.

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Moreno Moreno Owner
Kezies Kezies Deputy Owner
Asot Asot Deputy Owner
Ry Ry Deputy Owner
Weeman Weeman Deputy Owner
Djery5 Djery5 Overseer
Concieta Concieta Overseer
Eerste1 Eerste1 Overseer
Greatest808 Greatest808 Overseer
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