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Hello, and welcome to Umbra! :)
Our clan is based around PvM and general skilling.  We are looking for a diverse set of people who may be interested in learning more about PvM. We are not a clan who enforces any skill requirements however we do have a few set rules.

- Citadel MUST be done at least once a month, preferably every week. (the more you do at citadel, the more incentives will be provided.)
- Absolutely no insulting people based on gender, race, age, or insulting in general. Although we are a sarcastic bunch we do not want you to take it to an extreme level.

We are quite active, meaning we do a lot of PvM/PvP events, or a lot of dungeoneering. While these are not required, we would love to see you there with us! Rank advancement is possible based on how active you are in the clan.

PM "Daryn" "5omebody" or "xbla" for more information or for an invite. Feel free to join the clan as a guest for more information as well!


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