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Welcome to Vitalis!
Established April  2016

We are a community based and PvM driven clan that is always accepting new members! We're an active clan with a unique ranking system that benefits PvMers and Skillers alike. If you are an already active player with broad knowledge about the game and want to experience end game content with like-minded people, this is the right clan for you.

2400+ total level required

Ranking System:

Recruit: Starter Rank
Corporal: 10M Clan XP
Sergeant: 50M Clan XP
Lieutenant: 100M Clan XP
Captain: 200M Clan XP
General: PVM Rank
Admin: 500M Clan XP or Voted on by Clan Top
Organiser: Elite PVM Rank

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Top Clanmates

Ranks Ranks Owner
Rankss Rankss Deputy Owner
Class Class Overseer
Singhking Singhking Coordinator
DeathHunterX DeathHunterX Coordinator
Flash Bomb Flash Bomb Organiser
yonam yonam Organiser
Elyey Elyey Admin
K0l0oter K0l0oter Admin
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