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Waystone  is a w4 based clan that aspires to be great.
With our ranks constantly growing in numbers we plan to become one of the best clans out there. Our clan consists of four main attributes, making us a PvM/PvP/Skilling/Social clan. We are based around those aspects, however; we do just about everything you could think of. If any of the previous virtues stated before interest you, be sure to apply on the forums or guest our clan chat in game, to be invited.

Basic Clan Info:
- Home World 4
- Citadel Tier
- Clan Leader: Galador
- Clan Chat: Waystone
- Avatar(s):

**Regular Requirements**
+1750 total level
+115 combat level

**Ironmen/woman Requirements**
+1500 total level
+100 combat level

**Skiller Requirements**
+1100 total level
3 combat

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Top Clanmates

RarePun RarePun Owner
CaptainPuffs CaptainPuffs Captain
Sound Lads Sound Lads Lieutenant
Vonduran Vonduran Lieutenant
Primalbeast4 Primalbeast4 Sergeant
Primalrose Primalrose Sergeant
Lathiyre Lathiyre Corporal
Swagmaster J Swagmaster J Recruit
Hi Im Radi Hi Im Radi Recruit
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Clan Events
Type Description World Date/Time
Clan event 1 29-Jun-16 23:00
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Author Thread Title Date
Undethklok Ascended Gods 25-Jun-2016 03:12
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