Zaros Scourge

Zaros Scourge

"PvM, Max grind, Money grind, Bosses. Chilled environment. Join Zaros Scourge!"

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Zaros Scourge was founded by BornlessOne and is a clan that prides itself in being very diverse not just in having players from various regions but in diverse playing methods. We host bossing events, skilling events, and more.

We have no minimum requirements for joining other then being active. We've all been level 3 at one point. We will teach and guide anyone willing to learn and be active. We are friendly, mature, and intelligent. Join Zaros Scourge and have fun with us!

Clan features
-Discord clan chat server
-Clear ranking system your first cap gets your first rank all ranks following are based on clan xp.
-Weekly player hosted events including PVM, skilling, Etc.
-No mandatory events or capping
-Friendly mature environment
-Room to advance in the ranks

Quick find code: 290-291-325-65838418

P.M. BornlessOne, T-MADDNESS, or Mc Imposter.

Or guest in Zaros Scourge clan chat.

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Runenothing Runenothing Owner
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Roast Gammon Roast Gammon Lieutenant
W R I F T W R I F T Lieutenant
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