handy helpers

handy helpers

"We fight as a force, We work as a force, We are the force"

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New to the game? Need a clan? Need some help and advice? Or just wanna hang around with some awesome people? Well handy helpers is the right clan for you. We accept all skills, all levels. We will train with you, help you with quests. We do special giveaways, our latest one giving away a FREE 3 month membership to one of our clan members! If you wanna join us make sure you do, we will give you a friendly welcome!

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[#N8M6J6TAP] [#N8M6J6TAP] Overseer
Pierocks854 Pierocks854 Overseer
[#IPVBKVN99] [#IPVBKVN99] Captain
[#KWA9K7EV4] [#KWA9K7EV4] Captain
leomontrolo leomontrolo Lieutenant
[#4UAVPKTAE] [#4UAVPKTAE] Lieutenant
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