"Chilled skilling social clan ! , With a sprinkle of nUb pvm :)"

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Hello and welcome to our clan page!
We are a clan that pvms and skills mainly not too tryhard just a lil bit ;) ,
We are mainly eu / usa based but we also have players from South america , australia ,new zealand and asia aswell!
We just strive to have a chilled non toxic community in which u can just have a chat and hangout ;P
We have no requirements and capping isnt mandentory.
You are welcome to do as you please !

Our discord is : (you are free to join and just have a chat :D And hang out)

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Fisk n Chips Fisk n Chips Deputy Owner
Mika Vu Mika Vu Deputy Owner
Verbalisee Verbalisee Deputy Owner
MurdocBack MurdocBack Deputy Owner
Aptitude Aptitude Deputy Owner
Storm Foreva Storm Foreva Overseer
Eric I F F Eric I F F Overseer
Kate Vu Kate Vu Overseer
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Stellarity Our clan competitions 01-Jul-2017 18:03
Stellarity Welcome To our clan forum :) 01-Jul-2017 17:57
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