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+Clan Bonus XP is our name
Loving our members is our game
All are welcome into our home
None are turned down on skills alone
Bring a kind heart into our fray
Only those who are nice will stay
Now join a clan like none before
Under the stars of Gielinor
Soak up bonus xp all day
Evening, night, morning, June to May
Xp, knowledge, & warmth abound
Perhaps your new home has been found...


Thank you to those who share my vision & wish to help our clan achieve it!

Join us at QF code:288-289-244-66025839
Highlight the number, right click it, select 'Copy'.
Click the FORUMS (<-- note the 'S') button at the very top of this page.
On that page, you will see a "Jump to thread" box near the top left.
Right click that box, select 'Paste', then click the "Go" button to the right.
Or you can just type the number as written above, into that box.
Or find us in the 'Recruitment - Skilling Clans' section of forums.

That will take you to our Bonus Xp Recruitment Thread.

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CuddleBucket Thank you Bonus Xp 08-Oct-2019 17:17
CuddleBucket Clan Member Comments 19-Sep-2018 11:54
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