"Capo Dei Capi is recruiting No Begging No Botting No Scammers. join the fun"

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No begging----- No Botting------ No Scamming------- We are just people who play, have fun, and help one another when we can with quests and Info. We aren't banks, and we wont buy you everything. Please help in Citadel when you can. Everyone is treated as equals in clan and be respectful of each other and the Ladies in clan. We have Pkers, Questers, Skillers, and PVM'ers.

Clan chat is public between its members. Some cussing is normal in human language in this day and age, as long as the cussing is not constant or every other word, or as long is it is not derogatory or is being used to insult someone constantly or seriously offensive towards people. Please remember: everyone has rights too. We can't become overbearing or use it to abuse people the other way either. There has to be some level of allowance or freedom to chat or it doesn't work; we understand this too. Respect has to go both ways so again if someone have issue with this please take it to private or try and clean it up so

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BlazeForDays DXP 2021 Clan Raffle Bananza! 23-Feb-2021 01:16
DethnKarnate Clan Forum 17-Jun-2020 19:40
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