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Legend of III

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Hello and welcome to Legend of III!  We are a clan full of all sorts of people ranging from PKers and PvMers, to even the most dedicated skillers who haven’t touched combat since the tutorial.  Because of the wide variety of players within the clan we host a wide range of daily events.
We make it very simple to rank up by earning points through attending events, recruiting others, and even capping at our citadel or you can rank by gaining xp while being in the clan for so long.
Everyone in the clan is friendly, and there is always someone who can help or answer a question.
You might be wondering to yourself, “How do I join this amazing clan?  What are the requirements?” and there are none but only to fill out an application!  We only ask you to be respectful of other clanmates and their opinions and no begging.  If you are still not sure of joining the Legend of III after reading this, feel free to join our clan chat as a guest, and attend a few events.
So, what are you waiting for?

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SpiderSpit Welcome to Legend of III! 24-Sep-2018 22:11
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