Noobs of Gielinor

Noobs of Gielinor

"J is a noob"

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Gielinor. The place of legend. Inhabited by immortals, gods, bosses, and impossible feats that get demolished by mortals who become the stuff of legends. Then there's us.

Noobs of Gielinor

Noobs and proud. Who needs to be a legend when you can die to the hands of a cow!? You may ask yourself, "Do cows even have hands?" That is beyond the point. We have no beef with the cows in the first place.

It's those pesky Elite out there. They call themselves PROS. They are Noob enemy #1. Always doing stuff that the rest of us just can't comprehend. On top of being so PRO they refuse to acknowledge we exist. That's right I'm talking about you zezima.

Now when it comes to those who truly represent the Noob quality. Look no further than Cow1337killr. The way he killed that undead cow is truly the stuff of noobs. Then again we don't have a beef with cows. Yes I used that joke again, it's funny.

Moving on. The Noobs of Gielinor is home for all noobs. So invite anyone and everyone. Except zezima.

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