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Once there were two people getting OutOfCTRL. They found three other people who were equally OutOfCTRL and they decided to form a group.
They grew and found more and more people who were willing to join their OutOfCTRLness.

This is how this clan has been founded in april of 2016.
We are a clan who stand for helping out those in need. There are, apart from activeness, no requirements to join.
From all around the world people are welcome to join and help out or ask help if they need it.
Whether you are stuck on a quest, need help with skilling, bossing or just general gameplay; you will find someone willing and able to help here.

The ranking system we use is based on the experience gained since joining the clan. This goes up exponentially up until the rank of Admin. The ranks above Admin can be gained by showing your great skills in certain skills/events/etc.

OutOfCTRL would like to welcome you and make you feel at home during your time playing the game!

- Nimrieneth -

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Nimrieneth Nimrieneth Owner
Nimmiroth Nimmiroth Deputy Owner
asii 2 asii 2 Overseer
cykoworm cykoworm Organiser
NotDerpix NotDerpix Organiser
Nimmiriel Nimmiriel Organiser
Irish Dave Irish Dave Organiser
ArinaeGyss ArinaeGyss Organiser
England oak England oak Admin
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Type Description World Date/Time
Clan event - Citadel Reset 177 03-Apr-17 18:00
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Author Thread Title Date
Nimmiroth OutOfCTRL Basics (Don't Post!) 08-Jun-2017 10:29
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