Overloaded XP

Overloaded XP

"Our Taste is Without XP Waste! Member of the Month: Pusillus."

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Overloaded XP is one of the most prestigious skilling and community clans in RuneScape.  We have been an established clan since 2011, and we continue to lead and adapt in our ever changing RS community. No matter what happens, we are here to support you and provide the best place to share your RS adventures.

Being a Member:
- Skilling Competitions (Rewards)
- Minigames and PvM events
- Tier 7 Citadel
- Avatar Tracker
- Own server: offsite forums, TeamSpeak, and Discord

To join you must be an active and respectful P2P member. We believe all people should have a chance in our clan and we have NO LEVEL REQUIREMENTS to join. All ranks are based on Clan XP. For more information visit our offsite forums upon joining.

If you want an Overloaded experience, visit our clan chat for recruitment!

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UofM UofM Owner
Kirt Kirt Deputy Owner
Wilt Wilt Deputy Owner
Concord Concord Overseer
Manasword Manasword Coordinator
So Motivated So Motivated Coordinator
Qua-zi Qua-zi Coordinator
J3 J3 Coordinator
The Cook The Cook Organiser
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