Skill School

Skill School

"There's no school like the Skill School"

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Skill School is a social clan who enjoy all aspects of RuneScape including both skilling and pvm with an emphasis on creating a positive & relaxed atmosphere within our clan chat. A non-toxic, mature, fun and helpful environment is key importance to our clan. We are an international clan with members from all parts of the world & ranking up is based on experience earned while in the clan

If you meet our requirements & would like to join then PM a member of the clan for an invite or join our friend chat

--Est. 15/10/2012
--Tier 7 - All plots open
--Home world W86
--Discord -

--1500+ total level
--P2P Only for Ironmen
--Following all game rules

RANKS (xp earned in the clan)
--Recruit - New members
--Corporal - 10m+
--Sergeant - 50m+
--Lieutenant - 100m+
--Captain - 300m+
--General - 700m+

~~All clan info & rules can be viewed in the "Skill School" forum post below~~

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Scret Scret Owner
CinderBella CinderBella Deputy Owner
LadyáAmber LadyáAmber Deputy Owner
Ulysse Ulysse Overseer
Báarb Báarb Overseer
DreamáLogic DreamáLogic Overseer
Jackladder Jackladder Overseer
Legione Legione Overseer
CountáMonet CountáMonet Coordinator
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Scret Events & Bossing Schedules 25-Apr-2019 22:14
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