Wicked Knights of Ni

Wicked Knights of Ni

"2400 ttl lvl req; If you care to join, you must bring us..... a shrubbery!!!!"

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Welcome to the Wicked Knights of Ni!
Est. on July 28th, 2012

Join The Wicked Knights of Ni

- Approx. 250 members (and growing)
- Tier 7 Citadel with all upgrades

- 2400 Total Level
- Guest in clan chat for approximately 1 week (to ensure this is the clan you'd like to be a part of)

- No Clan Drama
- Respect Everyone

What we offer:
- Leaders who are not power hungry and you can trust
- A tier 7 citadel (capping is not mandatory at this point)
- Friendly, drama free community (With a bit of banter)
- In-game advice on skills and bossing

If you are interested, feel free contact one of the Owners, Deputy Owners or Overseers for more info. Our PMs are always open. Only Overseers, Deputy Owners and Owner can invite into clan.

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Top Clanmates

meli meli Owner
crazymeli crazymeli Deputy Owner
Enchantress1 Enchantress1 Deputy Owner
Steath Ryno Steath Ryno Deputy Owner
Decimation Decimation Overseer
maltizok maltizok Coordinator
Cratos Cratos Coordinator
Asc Pure Asc Pure Coordinator
Violetxblade Violetxblade Coordinator
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meli Welcome to the Clan! 14-Jun-2020 05:39
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