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wraith of war

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.~Wraith of War~ is a community clan based in our home World 88.

 "In darkness the loyal wait, lands of Morytania we undertake!"

There are no requirements to join our undead themed clan.

Helping with our clan event activity's will promote your rank quickly!

Rankings legit!   Roster well managed!  Combat based, and total skill adjusted ranking.

We enjoy planned, or random Activies, Distraction's &  Diversion' well as player made clan events.

Join our Morytania community now!!

 Help us build a better clan and reap the rewards! All welcome!

Citadel work is not required, but appreciated by our clan members.

Key words: All skills, Questing, PvM, community , Shades of Mort'ton, Barrows, Temple Trekking, Mature, Community, Respect, No rules.


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Saga Macaro Saga Macaro Owner
Pastafartian Pastafartian Deputy Owner
Azramond Azramond Deputy Owner
Anubis Angel Anubis Angel Deputy Owner
Saint Martha Saint Martha Deputy Owner
Vesy23 Vesy23 Deputy Owner
AnubisTrex AnubisTrex Deputy Owner
Thundercamel Thundercamel Overseer
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Clan Events
Type Description World Date/Time
Clan event - Clan Resource Gathering 88 01-Jan-25 00:00
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Author Thread Title Date
Warg ~Wraith of War~ 03-Jul-2017 16:27
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