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Elysian Fields

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Since its founding in late 2014, Elysian Fields has grown into a clan with over 300 members, with an active core community focused on providing a welcoming and friendly space.

Elysian Fields welcomes players regardless of total level or Runescape experience; so whether you are maxed and looking for friends to go bossing or skill with, or a new player learning the ropes, there will surely be active members for you to make acquaintance.

- No harassment, trolling, spamming, begging, flaming, hate speech, impersonation, external advertising, etc.
- In short, please be respectful of one another.

- Please avoid discussing the following topics in the Clan Chat; religion, politics, or any controlled and/or illicit substances (e.g. alcohol).

- No Cussing.

- This is not a dating site; keep it PG.

- Please do not beg for promotions or a fast track to admin rank.

- Please abide by all Jagex rules.

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KittyAshlee KittyAshlee Owner
Blinx241 Blinx241 Deputy Owner
Dynachu Dynachu Overseer
Thee Fortuna Thee Fortuna Coordinator
Hezitent Hezitent Coordinator
Sandys dxp Sandys dxp Coordinator
Xavier Morta Xavier Morta Coordinator
CobaltKitty CobaltKitty Coordinator
Dreke13 Dreke13 Coordinator
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