"Join/Guest in our CC for some FoG!"

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We are a Fist Of Guthix based clan. We play for the fun and excitement of the mini-game.

*We are recruiting people from the FOG Community*

Games run mostly in the late afternoon to evening GMT, on World 81.
If you're looking for Foggers, you're welcome to guest in our clan chat.

Most Loyal Foggers.  We also skill whether it be from F2P or P2P ; we can help with the slightest! We also love all company. No trolls, however.

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Top Clanmates

earlygod earlygod Owner
Ribonuclease Ribonuclease Overseer
Eric Lee Eric Lee Overseer
[#AT78WJU05] [#AT78WJU05] Overseer
Bon lver Bon lver Overseer
Dbd2074 Dbd2074 Overseer
Bad Romance Bad Romance Overseer
666lazu666 666lazu666 Overseer
01astronaute 01astronaute Overseer
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Clan Events
Type Description World Date/Time
PvP 81 23-Feb-14 17:00
Forum Posts
Author Thread Title Date
01astronaute About us. 29-Oct-2015 17:06
A L Fist of Guthix Guide 30-Jul-2013 17:53
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