"New World Order, 2400+ total level & prifddinas city access required to join us!"

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*New World Order (NWO) is a All-Round clan, which means we do a bit of everything.

To join us, simply guest in our clan chat and ask for an invitation.

Our requirements are:
- 2400+ Total Level
- Prifddinas city access

If you don't meet our requirements yet, feel free to join our clan chat as a guest until you do.

Clan features:
- Discord:
- All clan members including recruits are allowed to organise events
- Attending events is not mandatory

Our clan ranking system is based on clan xp (XP gained while in the clan):
Recruit - New Member
Corporal - 5M+ XP
Sergeant - 50M+ XP
Lieutenant - 100M+ XP
Captain - 250M+ XP
General - 500M+ XP
Administrator - This rank can be gained by (Recruiting or hosting events etc), you do not need the other xp ranks for this rank

~ Founded: 15th June 2011 ~

Our homeworld is world 84. Playing on this world is not mandatory, but we encourage you to do so. It's nice to meet clan members playing on the same world :)

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