"2200 & 135+ l Friendly PVM & Community clan l W69 & 40 l Wish you were here..."

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Welcome to Ultimatums,

We’re an international PvM-driven Community clan that also values friendly, drama-free atmosphere and the social side of this game.
Our goal is to provide our members a place where they always feel welcomed, meet other like-minded people to enjoy the game with and have a special corner in Gielinor, which they can call home!

We're international & active 24/7!

Clan information:

Homeworld: 69 & 40
Clan founded: 22.02.2017
Citadel tier: 7 (with a clan Dragon)


-Total level 2200+
-Active membership

Highly recommended:

- 95+ Prayer
- 96+ Herblore
- 96+ Summoning
- 89+ Invention
- T90+ Augmented weapon in Magic and/or Ranged
- T80+ Augmented power armour in Magic and/or Ranged

What to expect from us:

- Clan Raids (EU & US times every other day)
- Active Discord server
- Easy-going atmosphere
- Bossing trips & teaching events
- Skilling/Bossing competitions with rewards
- Lots of Community events

QFC: 92-93-480-66117985

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Neptulon Neptulon Owner
Magnetronn Magnetronn Overseer
Bliksemvis Bliksemvis Overseer
GoJess GoJess Overseer
Bengineer Bengineer Coordinator
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Pingu Btw Pingu Btw Coordinator
move you cow move you cow Coordinator
Beta Fox Beta Fox Organiser
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