The White Knights

The White Knights

"Perseverance in honour brings invariable order."

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The White Knights is a clan based on Jagex's NPC, The White Knights.. Founded in early 2010 by Sir Tain Def, we are traditionally a roleplay-based clan, but times have changed and so have we. We now encourage skilling, questing and of course roleplay events around Runescape. Our foundations are based on Honesty, Chivalry and a willingness to serve. Rich with lore, we hold a thick history within Runescape, particularly in roleplay.

We hold a dedicated ranking system based on loyalty, and are always actively trying to improve our citadel. The community we have here are welcoming, and are sure to always lend a helping hand whenever it's needed. In addition, our forums (both public and private) are always up to date with the latest events we hold!

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Sir Tain Def Sir Tain Def Overseer
Sir Brad Sir Brad Overseer
WK Overseer WK Overseer Overseer
Lianna98 Lianna98 Overseer
David Arzal David Arzal Coordinator
Sir Loynn Sir Loynn Coordinator
Tom Alferth Tom Alferth Coordinator
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