401st Battalion

401st Battalion

"New clan Pm White WolfK9 if interested"

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Welcome to the 401st Battalion. We are a clan founded on March 5th 2012. If you are interested in joining, please contact any of the admins who are on at the time.
We have an undefeated War Record:

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Bluecounter5 Bluecounter5 Owner
Jon Arryn II Jon Arryn II Deputy Owner
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Derbinpls Derbinpls Deputy Owner
Cathet1 Cathet1 Deputy Owner
[#4TMHI9QMI] [#4TMHI9QMI] Deputy Owner
T rey1 T rey1 Deputy Owner
[#FVAT3RS5L] [#FVAT3RS5L] Deputy Owner
Pieduck Pieduck Corporal
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