99 Divination Cape

99 Divination Cape

"Want to wear an awesome Divination replica cloak? Join our clan and recruit!"

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Join us today by asking any of our members! Clan chat is open to guests 24/7/365.

     Once you have joined, you can wear your clan cloak with pride and recruit more people to join as you did. All members are ranked as Recruits. This has nothing to do with "ranks." Everyone is equal. This also makes it easier for the clan to grow on it's own. Everyone is able to recruit and be a rated clan wars leader as well. All ranked members can perform all abilities that are available.

     To sum it all up. The more people you recruit, the more people that can recruit. The more people recruiting, the bigger the clan. The bigger the clan, the more fun it will be to socialize and set up events with eachother. This clan runs itself. There are no "leaders."

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W W Jesus D W W Jesus D Owner
ast1jh5 ast1jh5 Recruit
[#FWZFL39F7] [#FWZFL39F7] Recruit
97xcalibur 97xcalibur Recruit
[#WV24UXAX7] [#WV24UXAX7] Recruit
[#TFH8VUA48] [#TFH8VUA48] Recruit
El Pajaro4 El Pajaro4 Recruit
[#ZSI1HME9J] [#ZSI1HME9J] Recruit
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