Adult Swim

Adult Swim

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We are a fun loving, sharing, social clan.  Always try to help others with ideas, information and laughs!  There is no real way to classify the clan other than (mostly)mature people  here to talk and have a good time.
Working in the citadel is a requirement to uphold, but other than that, there aren't many rules other than be nice!

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Zombie BBQ Zombie BBQ Owner
Cal 1 Cal 1 Deputy Owner
Muis Muis Deputy Owner
SenorSquishy SenorSquishy Deputy Owner
Wageslave196 Wageslave196 Overseer
Jack You Up Jack You Up Overseer
Bella I Am Bella I Am Overseer
Major Lagg Major Lagg Overseer
Mr Squishy Mr Squishy Overseer
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