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The Advocates of Chaos were formed in August 2015 with the goal of providing a clan atmosphere that is both welcoming and helpful for everyone. The clan features players of all level and experience types, and both F2P and P2P are welcome. Our clan also features players from multiple time zones and continents, and as we are a social clan, there is always someone to assist. Respect is the medium in which our clan exists, and it works both ways in our clan.

Our Tier 7 Citadel, is the primary focus, however, we do not make it mandatory for players to cap.  The Citadel does provide the fastest mode of room for advancement in the clan, of which there are several other methods, because A.O.C. values a clan in which everyone feels like they are important in.

Today, A.O.C. provides a community that is both tight-knit and spacious. Our goal is to never stop improving, and to help as many players as we can.


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