Aegis of Saradomin

Aegis of Saradomin

"The Aegis Endures!"

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We are an order of Saradominist lore enthusiasts who have rallied under one banner to better honour our lord. If you wish to join us, feel free to stop by the clan chat and read up on the rules of the clan. We value loyalty and participation in our clanmates, but also require that they are respectful to others in the clan and when participating in clan events.

Keep in mind that as a lore clan we will discuss lore regularly and so spoilers will be tossed about rather frequently. You have been warned.

Strength through wisdom, may the light of Saradomin illuminate your path to enlightenment and guard you against the shadow of evil.


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Siegfreid Siegfreid Owner
Rowanius Rowanius Deputy Owner
Xivu Xivu Deputy Owner
Fredeus Fredeus Overseer
Elibtrs Elibtrs Overseer
Hoxtility Hoxtility Overseer
bmaxup1 bmaxup1 Overseer
Dremaria Dremaria Coordinator
Pyronaeus Pyronaeus Coordinator
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Tirngalanost Recruitment Thread 19-Apr-2019 23:03
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