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We are not just a clan, we are a family. AfroBros is a social and community-based clan which involves PvM, Skilling, D&Ds, Mini-games and many more daily activities. The clan is built by its members who are mature, active, adventurous and honorable.

We do not have many set rules, although we do not tolerate any form of drama between clan mates or guests in the clan chat. Our members are very helpful & supportive of each other.  Respecting each other is our number 1 rule.

There will be no more xp weekends - Jagex 2011

I'm a girl - Adorable 2012

I'm a girl - Lexxy 2010

I'll never get 5.2b xp - CrystalFarm 2013

I'll never get 5.2b xp on 9 accounts - CrystalFarm 2015 (we all know it will happen)

Avatar world? - A13d  2012 - 2016 (and counting)

Anyone for mole? - Jerimah69 2012

This coffee tastes like sht - Yosumin 2015

Jamie's mum - Umar 2019

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Umar Umar Owner
dukky dukky Deputy Owner
MatcháKiller MatcháKiller Deputy Owner
CrystalFarm CrystalFarm Deputy Owner
sorbosander2 sorbosander2 Deputy Owner
Darby Darby Deputy Owner
BadboyáO0 BadboyáO0 Deputy Owner
Squall Squall Deputy Owner
Davicii Davicii Deputy Owner
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Umar Afro Quotes 01-Jul-2016 20:38
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Umar The year that went by 23-Nov-2013 19:06
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