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Well what can we say except "Welcome To All Stars Clan Page....!!!!!". We are a mature over 18's group of adults who enjoy playing runescape as a community and also as a great way to get to know others. We are a homebased group who are settled in the lovely world of 100. We all have many interests as a collective group of people as in Shooting Stars,Dungeon Parties,Stealing Creation and Great Orb just to name a few. We treat the clan chat more like a place to chat and be sociable and relax. We have no weekly events except maybe when we feel like one. Besides that we sit back and chill & come and go as we please with no rules or requirements....Besides the clan doing our weekly CITADEL cap that's basically it...

Obviously this is not finished as theres always more to come......

Now added a full stats boost on each skill and how much and a stew guide aswell in forums

Please read the CITADEL Thread ...!!!!!

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Special 100 01-Jan-25 00:30
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EndlessKnght Would You Like To Join Us 19-Nov-2013 01:09
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