Apocalyptic Omens

Apocalyptic Omens

"The End has come, the Horsemen ride. Their army follows in their wake."

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Founded in mid 2017, we at the Apocalyptic Omens are built upon a thirst for knowledge and power. We seek to help those who need help and boss for fun. There are no real requirements except to follow our rules. We have weekly and monthly clan events as well as near daily bossing events, and if there isn't an event planned then someone is almost certainly willing to go with you anyways. A lot of our members in the clan are also knowledgeable and willing to help out with anything ranging from money making to how to skill efficiently. We have an active discord as well, you can get the link or invitation from one of our members.

Our rules:
1. Be kind and courteous not just to your fellow clanmate but to those around you.
2. Follow all Jagex rules. Absolutely NO macroing/RWT.
3. No begging/lending. Our exception is the new banking system.

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Ghost52 Ghost52 Owner
War Omen War Omen Deputy Owner
LadyLux LadyLux Deputy Owner
Sly Archmage Sly Archmage Overseer
Ankaril Ankaril Overseer
IM Ghost52 IM Ghost52 Overseer
wywysbomb wywysbomb Overseer
Slayer Acid Slayer Acid Overseer
Siegeninja Siegeninja Organiser
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zRaichu Capping Raffle - August 2018 19-Aug-2018 22:30
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