Arcane Hunters

Arcane Hunters

"We are Arcane Hunters, a group of friends who listen and talk to each other.Join"

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Most of our members have been friends for quite some time, having met up in the 'Friends Chat' of the Lady of the Hunt, Momeydragon.

We are mostly a social clan, we will plan the occasional event in the future when we are more established as a clan, such as Boss trips or Clan Wars etc.

Our chat is always open and you are always welcome to chat with any of us.

Founding Members:

Members check out our forum page for updates!

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Momeydragon Momeydragon Owner
Bluechain7 Bluechain7 Deputy Owner
Specter9000 Specter9000 Deputy Owner
Rule of Law Rule of Law Overseer
Brittan Brittan Captain
Usw S Usw S Captain
C H A N C H A N Captain
[#YG5EJ5ZXU] [#YG5EJ5ZXU] Captain
Du Old Pker Du Old Pker Lieutenant
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