Army of Saradomin

Army of Saradomin

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Army of Saradomin (AoS) is an elite clan with much diversity. No one is frowned upon, we have Skillers, Pures and Masters of every Combat Skill. There are currently no requirements to join, all are welcome unless banned by a Clan Authority, If there are any questions regarding the clan Refer to Revimpx or Robpar6.

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Mobashardi Mobashardi Owner
Dabado1 Dabado1 Recruit
[#O48P5RGAZ] [#O48P5RGAZ] Recruit
[#UF54IX8CK] [#UF54IX8CK] Recruit
[#G562NNRYQ] [#G562NNRYQ] Recruit
Saw Drag 791 Saw Drag 791 Recruit
[#Q4F3WN7YV] [#Q4F3WN7YV] Recruit
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Clan Events
Type Description World Date/Time
Activities - Stealing Creation 164 08-Aug-11 19:00
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Author Thread Title Date
Blacknitesos Army of Saradomin 02-Jan-2013 06:57
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