"Come do nothing with us and have fun doing it!"

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Asgaard is a social and player development clan. There are no mandatory activities, except for a REQUIRED minimal, rank-based weekly contribution of skilling in the Citadel. We seek to help our clanmates to meet their goals and become strong, independent, powerhouse players. We have experts on virtually all aspects of the game, ready and on hand to help our clanmates grow. Toward that end, Asgaard provides a clan chat environment full of kind and courteous people. To promote a drama-free and healthy environment for Asgaard members and guests, the following are not allowed in our clan or its chat:

- Bigotry or hate-speech of any kind
- Scamming, luring, begging
- Stalking, harrassment, or bullying
- Whining/arguing
- Discussion of illegal activities
- Political or religious discussions
- Swearing/cursing
- Breaking Jagex game rules.

Clanmates and guests to CC who fail to observe these rules may be removed and banned.

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Ammon Ammon Owner
Mellania Mellania Deputy Owner
S1lver S1lver Deputy Owner
Blagpag Blagpag Deputy Owner
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Gathering 45 07-Dec-22 00:00
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Stormydawn Asgaard Clan General Rules 13-Sep-2015 01:54
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