Astral Turtles

Astral Turtles

""We are exshellance" - Discord (open to all) n 4 E n k w 7"

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Welcome to Astral Turtles’ Clan Page ! Home of the turtles ! Being an all round clan there will always be something for everyone within our home, including PVM, skilling, minigames and activeness. We aim to make every person that comes into our home happy and included, in the hopes that they cannot resist joining the fun of becoming a turtle in our homely shell. Here, we create and hold long term friendships, that can even outlive the clan itself! We hope to train, slay, skill, and talk together, whenever we can, and to build strong bonds that will make this clan a great clan!.


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Matmano9 Matmano9 Owner
Annarawrs Annarawrs Deputy Owner
cheeselets cheeselets Deputy Owner
Astral Rawrs Astral Rawrs Deputy Owner
Pandaa BOT Pandaa BOT Overseer
Kylethedwarf Kylethedwarf Coordinator
MackenzieSky MackenzieSky Coordinator
DcStorm DcStorm Coordinator
Geisla Geisla Coordinator
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Matmano9 Our clan forums 27-Nov-2018 22:24
PlatinumC Hello potential recruit! 11-Aug-2017 21:30
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