Auspicious Slayers

Auspicious Slayers

"Don't run, you'll just die tired"

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Auspicious Slayers is a friendly, helpful, active, & social skilling clan which aims to provide a safe & enjoyable atmosphere to all its members while playing and enjoying RuneScape. We aim to bring together all kinds of different people from around the world to help make the gaming experience more enjoyable and give guidance and support to anyone who needs it.

While in the clan you are awarded by your in-game achievements.  If you're interested in joining please join our clan chat as a guest so we can talk, meet, and invite you.

~ Requirements ~
• Any combat level
• 1500 Total level
• Must be active
• Must be friendly
• Must be loyal
• Must cap at citadel

~ Promotions ~
• Being Active
• Helping Others
• Recruiting
• Capping at Citadel
• Being Respectful

~ What We Do ~
• Events
• Combat Training
• Skilling
• Boss Hunting
• Minigames
• Ranked Clan Wars
• Make New Friends

¥ Clan Home World: 91
¥ Clan Started: 12/12/12

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Top Clanmates

Uncle Swag Uncle Swag Organiser
Heather x3 Heather x3 Captain
Heavy Bear Heavy Bear Lieutenant
[#S14SNDPC3] [#S14SNDPC3] Sergeant
Hawt FTW Hawt FTW Sergeant
P0g031 P0g031 Corporal
[#CEGXRTWK5] [#CEGXRTWK5] Corporal
[#A9S8Q0SMN] [#A9S8Q0SMN] Corporal
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Type Description World Date/Time
Forum Posts
Author Thread Title Date
Shawn1n1 Ranking System 29-Jun-2013 05:07
Shawn1n1 Rank Position Chart 26-Jun-2013 19:15
Zenedanzxa Recruitment Applications 19-Jan-2013 19:44
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