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Being one of the largest clans in Runescape isn't easy, but through good organisation and diligent clanmates, we're able to maintain our status.

We're an international, friendly clan of members and F2P here mainly for fun, being very active in both the clan chat and in other in-game events. We value people who are nice, helpful and loyal in the clan, as well as being active and being able to follow the rules.

We have a set of rules in the clan that is designed to make it a pleasant place to stay in, and we hope that anyone interested will be able to join us; simply by going into the clan chat or asking one of our clan members.

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spar102 spar102 Owner
Snaxalotl Snaxalotl Overseer
Lord Valdra Lord Valdra Coordinator
[#ANCWQS4V9] [#ANCWQS4V9] Organiser
69alex1828 69alex1828 Admin
Alacrity Alacrity Lieutenant
[#W7BM3D7FF] [#W7BM3D7FF] Sergeant
raigokuxsabr raigokuxsabr Sergeant
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Forum Posts
Author Thread Title Date
Snaxalotl RULES V3 30-Dec-2013 02:15
Wylthyld Gre Awaken Combat Corps V2 28-Aug-2011 00:15
Kanso Earning Ranks V2 27-Jul-2011 15:16
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