""Skill, Kill, Flip & Chill - All Players Welcome (Ironmen & Mains)""

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Clan B5TA is a serious skilling, flipping and bossing community. Our citadel is maxed and has all plots.

Google "B5TA Discord" or message any member in game if you would like an invite.

We Teach:
+ All Bosses (& How To Find Teams)
+ How To Make Easy GP (10M+ / Day)
+ How To Level Efficiently

We plan on having a drama free clan where people can enjoy playing Runescape and maintain mutual respect. We will not tolerate toxic individuals who only want to attack other members.

If you would like to get promoted: be active, cap in the citadel weekly and invite other qualified members into the clan.

To avoid getting kicked from the clan, do not go inactive for over 6 months if you are under 1,500 total level. Any actions that violate Runescape's code of conduct will result in getting kicked from the clan. This includes but is not limited to: Threatening Behavior, Harassment, Botting, Luring and Scamming.

Founded: September 30th, 2014 by zoop.


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zoop zoop Owner
TC ELI TC ELI Deputy Owner
Zoe Inverse Zoe Inverse Deputy Owner
Rojji Succs Rojji Succs Deputy Owner
Puny Pu Puny Pu Overseer
shadowcutie shadowcutie Overseer
Orcwaterbird Orcwaterbird Overseer
MCNapkin MCNapkin Overseer
Bretagne Mae Bretagne Mae Overseer
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PvM - Boss 37 22-Jun-18 04:00
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