BA Addicts

BA Addicts

"The love of BA brought us together; Friendship made us stay! 3 lvl 5's to join!"

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Barbarian Assault Addicts (BAA) is a clan for players who enjoy Barbarian assault. We were founded by Penguin00789 on 28th January 2008 and still exist today.

Due to the fact the clan exists in both oldschool and the live game we now operate through the friends chat "B A Addicts". As always our recruiting policy is invite-only, but feel free to spend time with us in the chat while waiting for your invite! :)

QFC: 320-321-435-65573473

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Defender Defender Owner
Quakeddoom Quakeddoom Coordinator
l Sar l l Sar l Coordinator
Diddy264 Diddy264 Coordinator
Rizofy Rizofy Coordinator
DafttPunk DafttPunk General
0megga 0megga General
Addict Bob Addict Bob General
RainbowB1rd RainbowB1rd General
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Phyzin A link to our RSOF thread 17-Jun-2012 20:12
[#FOP0Z9GPO] Clan History 27-Jun-2011 15:48
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