"We got the bank."

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Welcome all to Bank, a very fine all round clan of runescape!

Here in the clan, we are all a family.
We have the utmost respect for one another and we are always helpful to our fellow clanmates.

We hold weekly events/activities which are optiontial for all such as:
- Bossing
- Dungeoneering
- Player Killing (in the wilderness as a team)
- Skilling
And more.

The Ranking System consisits of different ways of work within the clan which include:
- Your activity on Runescape and in the Clan Chat
- Attending clan events

Rules and Regulations
We are not supporters of instant bans, hence giving people a second chance to be apart of the clan. On-going confrontation between members of Drapht will be monitored and dealt with accordingly.

Any questions or concerns please contact the overseers, deputy owners or owner of Drapht and we will see to it as best we can.

Thank you.

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Big Tips Big Tips Owner
Jesus LovesU Jesus LovesU Deputy Owner
Mr VL Mr VL Deputy Owner
Animegeekr Animegeekr General
Haiku01 Haiku01 Lieutenant
Madpr0fess0r Madpr0fess0r Corporal
Xx H0 B0 Xx Xx H0 B0 Xx Corporal
SeanTracy SeanTracy Corporal
IAmCuteAF IAmCuteAF Recruit
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