Bat Wing Bandits

Bat Wing Bandits

"A clan is only as good as the people who are in it."

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Bat Wing Bandits is a fun and social clan that partakes in all aspects of Runescape. Members are friendly and always ready to help other clan mates with problems that may arise.

Our home is world 64

These are some of the activities we take part in:
-PvM Events
-Jagex Competitions
-Mini Games
-Citadel Upkeep

We are always accepting new members with no requirements set forth other then to cap weekly in order to help upgrade the citadel. Feel free to join our clan chat at any time. If you want to become a member ask one of the admins and they will be more then happy to help.

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Top Clanmates

Occulimorta Occulimorta Owner
Jinnorath69 Jinnorath69 Deputy Owner
CrzyCococool CrzyCococool Overseer
Blackfeet62 Blackfeet62 Overseer
Valus Rose Valus Rose Organiser
magicmunchkn magicmunchkn Admin
vxvShadovxv vxvShadovxv Admin
Shmokinurazz Shmokinurazz General
Squirrel_Mun Squirrel_Mun General
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