Benevolent Society

Benevolent Society

"First, do no harm. No wildy pkers or beggars allowed. Be polite, be welcome."

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This clan mostly consists of skillers; a few do pvm.  We do some mini games, share skilling info and quest help, and so on.  Our clan style is very relaxed and casual - you don't have to play any certain amount, be any particular level, and we have no clan meetings or required events.  If you want to do an event, you can always check in clan chat and see who is interested; but largely we all do our own thing.

Clan rules:  no pking, no asking for free things, be polite, and visit citadel every week.

How to Rank In Clan:
Ranking has been redone.  Pm Ms Millie for info.

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Mrs Millie Mrs Millie Owner
Milamber3 Milamber3 Deputy Owner
MissWabbit MissWabbit Deputy Owner
Zencognito Zencognito Deputy Owner
FearlessBoss FearlessBoss Deputy Owner
Golden Gun00 Golden Gun00 Overseer
Padan Fajin Padan Fajin Coordinator
Dark Duke Dark Duke Coordinator
Snowy Duke Snowy Duke Coordinator
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TexionK Clan Stories 30-Apr-2019 23:52
Mrs Millie Mini Games 05-Aug-2014 04:59
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