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Official clan of the RuneScape Bits and Bytes fan site.

Anyone is welcome to join. Message an admin to get an invite.

Chatting in the clan chat channel is disabled. We use friends chat channel "BitsBytes" as there are a lot of our members who are in other clans.

This is an alternative for our members who do not belong to a clan.

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Top Clanmates

Bitsbytes Bitsbytes Owner
Mike12088 Mike12088 Deputy Owner
Silverwiz9 Silverwiz9 Overseer
Riceay13 Riceay13 Corporal
Chief  Snake Chief  Snake Corporal
Kirbiy Kirbiy Corporal
Tim2 Tim2 Corporal
Deborahone Deborahone Recruit
IXI Dan IXI Dan Recruit
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