Blood Sweat n Tears

Blood Sweat n Tears

"RSOF QFC: 290-291-768-66005606 Apply today and join our community!"

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Welcome to the Blood Sweat n Tears Clan Information Page

We are founded by members from previous broken clans, and have since grown to form a small, active community of friends. Our main goal as a clan is to provide a mature environment, offering helpful tips and advice on all aspects of the game. Our name was chosen by the Founders to describe the Hardwork and Dedication that we have brought forth and invested into the Clan to make it what it is to this day.

°`'» Let the Games Begin «'`°
As a clan, We enjoy to hold non-mandatory XP Tracked monthly competitions - details of which can be found on our RSOF Recruitment Page.

°`'» Quality before Quantity «'`°
We do not believe that we need a high member count to feel important,
We want each and every person who decides to Join or Guest within
our clan to be welcomed!

While capping is NOT mandatory for General ranks and below, it is highly encouraged. We would appreciate if you could hop into the citadel
every week just for headcount.

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