"We all need a place to belong, even when we feel alone, join us & make a friend!"

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We are always recruiting!!
All that is really required is Talk, Capp at citadel or Recruit or all 3, is really appreciated, but just one at least.  Everything else is having fun and making this runescape experience the best that we can make it as a clan. Feel free to be open and express yourself .  Always open for new idea's. We do not accept bullying.
what we are willing to do with everyone in the clan is
*Bossing*Minigames*All Skill help*Dungeneering*Drop Party's*Quest help*Slayer and Reaper tasks*Building the Citadel*Helping with real life situations*Giving help for anything*Showing respect for those who show it back*Being nice and friendly*and more, we also have tier 4 citadel, want to know more then read clan forums for info!
Thank You

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