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A smalltown kinda place to hang out. We are not focused around any particular "theme" such as: a pk, dunge or bossing clan. Although we may get together for such events, we are mainly focused on socializing while we play the game. The 8 Clan is by invitation only, most of us are college-students or around that age group, and we are looking for people with a mature mind to join us.If you are interested in hanging out with us, we ask that you simply make friends with one  members, At this time we are not performing active recruitment.

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haroldwbush haroldwbush Owner
Joshgora Joshgora Deputy Owner
BáRáVáH BáRáVáH Deputy Owner
Grizzledor Grizzledor Overseer
cbaggs21 cbaggs21 General
DarTháSkuLly DarTháSkuLly Lieutenant
AvosáBlood AvosáBlood Recruit
Ragináchamp Ragináchamp Recruit
Janeee Janeee Recruit
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