Brutality Forsaken

Brutality Forsaken

"We're a small clan for a reson, To build easier friendships"

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We are a clan, that is just an all round clan that has no requirements to join, all people are welcome, all levels welcome, Hope all new members have a great time in our little community

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[#CXC2BZL0I] [#CXC2BZL0I] Owner
Owens Alt Owens Alt Deputy Owner
200M AFKing 200M AFKing Coordinator
Hobnobgoblin Hobnobgoblin Corporal
Mohanasaur Mohanasaur Corporal
D U CK I D U CK I Corporal
Mikespnc96 Mikespnc96 Corporal
[#IOXHM2XO2] [#IOXHM2XO2] Corporal
Divine Lao Divine Lao Corporal
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Author Thread Title Date
Harfie Welcome to the clan 05-Apr-2015 15:12
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